Learn About Your Options

Did you know the average lifespan of a home air conditioner or heating system is 12-15 years?
If yours is that old and the repair costs are starting to add up, it may be time for a new installation.

Savings & Free Offers

Your HVAC system is a big investment. We understand that making the right decisions today is crucial to your long-term home comfort.

Here are some of our incentives:

  • Free Estimates on New Installations*

*Conditions apply. Call for more details.

 Warranty & Maintenance

To protect you from surprise breakdowns and costly repairs, we provide a comprehensive maintenance package backed up by both parts & labor warranties.


  • 10-year manufacturer’s warranty with registration
  • 1-year labor warranty on XR models
  • 2-year labor warranty on XI models
  • 1-year labor warranty on new ductless installs


  • 12-year manufacturer’s warranty with registration

Regular HVAC system tune-ups and safety checks will ensure your system is running efficiently, saving you money on monthly cooling bills.

A thorough maintenance plan completed by licensed and certified technicians also secures the longevity of your HVAC system, providing you peace-of-mind.


What Size HVAC System Do I Need?

Choosing the right size HVAC system for your home is important. There are many factors about your home that directly affect the performance, efficiency, and cost of a HVAC system.

An HVAC system that is too small can leave your home feeling clammy and uncomfortable. It will also have to work harder and run more often to heat or cool your home. A system that is too large can also leave your home feeling clammy and uncomfortable. During the warmer months, it will not run long enough to remove excess humidity in your home. It will also cycle on and off more often, which will cause it to lose some of its efficiency.

Don’t worry though; our certified technician can help guide you through the process to find the best HVAC system size for your home and specific needs.

How We Determine the Right HVAC System Size for Your Needs?

The best way to determine the correct HVAC system size for your home is to perform a Manual-J load calculation. If your system does not keep you comfortable or you believe it may be incorrectly sized, we will come out and measure your home, then enter the measurements into a Manual-J load calculation software. This will tell us the exact size HVAC system needed to properly heat and cool your home. Below are some factors that are considered in this calculation:

  • Age of Home
  • Number of Windows
  • Room Sizes
  • Average Climate
  • Building Insulation

Based on these factors and more, our experienced team can determine the perfect size HVAC system for your home.